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(05/08/2017 更新)

4/30 張學軍博士演講(如何吃好脂肪來降低壞脂肪)資料已上傳至癌症講座資料及視頻

4/30 Dr.Zhang’s Seminar Powerpoint (How to Eat Good Fat in order to Reduce Bad Fat) has been updated to Cancer Library


(05/07/2017 更新)

ACA修改提案通過眾議院提案 – 接下來呢?   

翻譯自Enroll America



  1. 目前沒有任何改變。儘管此項法案在眾議院通過,但仍然尚未成為法律。對於每位消費者而言,現今狀態沒有任何改變。他們現在的健康保險計劃沒有改變,他們仍然可以獲得基本的健康福利,消費者不能因為既有病史而被保險公司拒絕受保。
  2. 醫療保險交易市場仍然存在。對於就算是昨天才加入的消費者而言,他們今天仍然有醫療保險服務。重要的是,消費者必須繼續保留他們的保險計畫、支付保費,並使用其保險計劃。消費者並無須害怕使用他們現在所擁有的健康保險。
  3. 戰鬥還沒結束。平價醫保法案並沒有被推翻。這項AHCA法案仍然需要通過參議院表決,並且仍然有機會放慢腳步,或是被推翻。我們將在未來幾週內分享美國家庭美國中心Families USA,以及其他相關團體動員工作的消息。

(05/07/2017 Updated)

ACA repeal passes US House – now what? 

The U. S. House of Representatives voted to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the Republican attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  It was a close vote but it passed, and now moves onto the Senate where it is expected to face quite a few challenges.

While this is certainly difficult news—with the potential to adversely affect millions of Americans who have insurance today because of the ACA—it’s important that we know:

  1. Nothing has changed.Although this bill has passed in the House it is still a long way from being law. For the consumers you all see every day, nothing has changed. The health plans they are in right now haven’t changed, they still have access to the 10 essential health benefits, and consumers cannot be charged more or denied for preexisting conditions.
  2. Consumers still have marketplace coverage. For consumers who had marketplace coverage last night, they still have it today. It is important that consumers continue to keep their coverage, pay their premiums, and take advantage of the benefits in their plans. We cannot let consumers be scared off from using the health coverage they have.
  3. The fight is not over.The ACA has not been overturned. This bill will still need to get through the Senate, and there are still opportunities to slow it down and hopefully kill it. We will be sharing news on the mobilization efforts from Families USA, Center for America Progress, and local groups over the coming weeks.


 (03/01/2017 Updated)



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